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    1. Meiculous Manufacture

      Tel: 0710-2986219 3123822
      Mobile phone: 13972251398
      WhatsApp: +8615171002533
      Fax: 0710-2986216
      Mailbox: xffzlj@126.com
      Website: www.performers-r-us.com
      Address: No.1 ZhanJiangdong road,Shenzhen industriail garden, Xiangygng Hubei China

      Meiculous Manufacture

      Location:Home -> Meiculous Manufacture -> Meiculous Manufacture

      The company introduced the high precision NC machine tool in the most advanced, the application of advanced tools, mold, welding, heat treatment technology and complete sets of modern production lines, to ensure that each production of the products have reached the international standard.

      without quality,there is no life.

      The unqualified raw material not into storage, the unqualified parts are not to next order,to ensure that the product qualified rate 100%.do not use substandard raw materials. do not sell substandard products. products leaving the factory 100% qualofied.

      Finishing machining workshop

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      1. 精品无码国产AV一区二区性色