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    1. Customer Case

      Tel: 0710-2986219 3123822
      Mobile phone: 13972251398
      WhatsApp: +8615171002533
      Fax: 0710-2986216
      Mailbox: xffzlj@126.com
      Website: www.performers-r-us.com
      Address: No.1 ZhanJiangdong road,Shenzhen industriail garden, Xiangygng Hubei China

      Complete set project

      Location:Home -> Customer case -> Complete set project
      It combines many years of rich practical experience in rice miling and today's advanced rice miling technology,Customizing large complete sets of project.Unique engineering concept on grain machinery industry create proverbial perfect example. 

      ——Only with experts'design can users avoid detours.
      ——Only manufactured by standard factory can project be ensured perfect.
      ——With complete supporting facilities,it's greatly convenient for users to choose and buy.
      ——With high -quality services guarantee users trouble free.

      150t per 24 hours for paddy completeset in Indonesia

      180t per 24 hours for paddy completeset in Cambodia

      300t per 24 hours for paddy completeset in Philippine200t per 24 hours for paddy completeset in Egypt
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